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行家|赋能为本 合作为纲

贸促通Marketdata.net自2001年成立伊始,致力于成为企业知识协同管理和环球市场数据服务的赋能者。我们与腾讯Tencent、Morningstar晨星、FactSet惠甚和FISD(国际金融信息服务协会)等世界级合作伙伴及专家精英携手并肩,秉承“赋能为本,共赢为纲,三位整体”的发展战略,坚守Make Data Work You的价值主张,帮助近千家中外金融及信息服务企业用户,用户遍及中外证券公司、银行、财富管理、财经媒体和交易所等专业机构,被用户誉为环球金融数据行家和赋能者

Expert|Enabling and Partnership has been dedicated to being an enabler of enterprise collaborative knowledge management and global market data service since the company was founded in 2001. Through close cooperation with world-class partners, such as Tencent, Morningstar, FactSet and FISD, we uphold a development strategy that emphasizes “enabling orientation, win-win guiding principles, and a trinity system”. With a mission to Make Data Work for you, we have successfully created values for hundreds of professional clients across various verticals in the financial and information service industry, including securities companies, banks, wealth management institutions, financial media and exchanges. We are honored as a global financial data expert and enabler.

整体|三位一体  卓越运营


Wholistic Approach|Trinity System and Extraordinary Operations

20 years of industry experience and witnessing of positive and negative cases have confirmed our belief that in order to optimize clients’ operations, it is important to build a “trinity system” constituted of people, data and technology. The ability to enable operation teams is critical to the success of business. Any operation that is solely focused on technology or data will not excel, but rather, there’s tremendous risks hidden underneath. We therefore created a trinity solution to include research and training solution, global financial data delivery solution and Tencent RTX enterprise collaboration technology solution. Leveraging the trinity system, clients will unplug the potentials for revolutionizing high-level strategies, enabling teams and organizations, and enhancing supply chain of data and technology to meet global standard. It is high time that we took advantage of the enterprise data intelligence opportunity to tackle operational challenges in this era of data.

服务|国际团队 为你成就



Service|International Team for Your Success

We have established a diverse, international team across Beijing, Hong Kong and Tokyo. We provide in-depth research on the industry, catalyzing organizational revolutions with the most cost-effective solutions tailored to clients’ needs. As a data intelligence consulting company and financial data solution service provider, we take clients’ success for our biggest achievement. Looking into the future, with the high-quality content, first-class facilities, and cutting-edge financial technologies contributed by our team and our partners, we are able to connect our clients to global data and information services they need to meet every challenge, delivered at the right time, in the right way.

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