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86-10-85116677 has been providing global financial information and market data service since 2001. With a strategy focused on win-win partnership to create competitive advantages, we have established international teams offering professional services in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo. We are endeavor to be a leading provider of global financial data and research service in Asia.

For 20 years, we have successfully served hundreds of local clients across various verticals in the financial industry both in China and abroad, though close partnership with Dow Jones, Morningstar, Trading Central and FISD. Our clients include securities companies, banks, wealth management institutions, financial media as well as exchanges. They trust us as a leader in the global financial smart data service market in Greater China.

Against the backdrop of China’s opening-up of financial market to the outside world, has been dedicated to providing a one-stop solution for market data and theme report services built upon data, research plus service. For the European and U.S. market, we also offer theme report service on China finance and economics and consulting service for strategic development in China.

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